LDC Strategy Meeting held in conjunction with SBI/SBSTA 40 and ADP 2-5

Date: 16 July 2014

LDC Group Chair Mr. Prakash Mathema (Nepal) convened a Strategy Meeting on 8 June 2014 (Bonn, Germany), to take stock of progress of ongoing discussions in the SBI/SBSTA-40 and ADP-2-5 and further develop LDC positions. In attendance were the Group’s Core Team members and other key negotiators.

Major points covered at the meeting included the scope and nature of the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, and the overall 2015 Agreement including its legal nature. Participants spoke about the inclusion of adaptation in the Agreement as critical. Discussions equally touched upon the financial architecture of the future climate regime, and key issues for LDCs in this regard – including the question of the future of the Least Developed Countries Fund. The topics of technology development and transfer as well as capacity building also came under discussion. Finally, participants deliberated about how to further strengthen Group coordination in the various negotiation streams.

Overall, the feedback from the Strategy Meeting was positive.

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