Powering up the LDCs: meeting of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Initiative in Addis Ababa, August 2017

Date: 26 August 2017

ADDIS ABABA—From 21-23 August representatives from LDC countries, along with partners and experts met to further develop the LDC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Initiative (REEEI), launched in Marrakech at COP22.

Over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity and half of these live in LDCs. However, LDCs often fall through the gaps in accessing funding and support from existing initiatives, and only a fraction of finance allocated to decentralised energy access finds its way to LDCs.

The LDC initiative aims to equip LDCs with the capacity and support needed to work towards universal access to electricity, develop ambitious renewable energy plans and ensure efficient use of energy through energy efficiency measures. With adequate support LDCs can leapfrog directly to clean, modern energy access, paving the way to sustainable development and demonstrating LDC leadership in pursuing renewable energy solutions.

The Addis Ababa meeting was an opportunity to further solidify the initiative by building on existing experiences and expertise, recognising the particular challenges faced by LDCs, identifying different actions suitable to the needs and characteristics of different LDCs and setting out a concrete path with a timeline of key steps to move the Initiative forward.

LDC REEEI would like to thank HIVOS and GGGI for their kind support in making this meeting possible, participants who sponsored their own attendance and the Government of Ethiopia for kindly hosting the meeting.

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