The Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group supports LDCs to negotiate as a bloc at the intergovernmental negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change sessions, to effectively represent their collective needs.

The LDC Group participates at UNFCCC sessions and issues key statements reflecting their collective position. The LDC Group will continue to offer leadership and cooperation to limit global temperature increases to 1.5°C, working with partners across the world.

The LDCs are 47 nations that are particularly vulnerable to climate change but have done the least to cause the problem. Through the coordination of the LDC Group, they play a leadership role in the collective global efforts to prevent dangerous climate change.

LDC Group Chairs convene the LDC Group to develop common positions, and common interests, on different negotiating issues. On behalf of the LDC Group, LDC Chairs are invited to speak at negotiation sessions and submit statements to the UNFCCC.

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From the LDC Chair

I am honoured to be Chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group for 2024 and 2025. My desire is to see the global community adopt decisions at UN climate talks that can deliver the transformation and paradigm shift we need to secure better livelihoods, a just transition, a safe planet and healthy people, communities, ecosystems and economies.

Our Group’s 45 countries are varied in terms of geography, circumstances and specific needs: some are land locked, mountainous, some small islands, and others in very dry areas.

But we are all disproportionately affected by climate change – hit first and worst by its impacts – despite being the least responsible for emissions.

Our countries negotiate together as a bloc in UNFCCC negotiations, to advance our shared interests of a fair and ambitious global response to climate change that ensures no one is left behind.

We need to see deep and rapid reductions of global emissions, particularly from high emitting countries, as well as scaled up, accessible finance and technology to ensure food security, support resilient agriculture, enable our transition to low-carbon energy systems, and address the inevitable and unavoidable loss and damage that the climate crisis is increasingly causing.

The decisions and actions of today will determine the state of our future. Through my Chairpersonship, I am determined to ensure that the needs and priorities of people living in LDCs are central in considerations of these choices. During my two-year term, I’m also committed to increasing the meaningful participation of women and youth in our group and in the negotiations.

I look forward to working with you all to ensure a safe and prosperous future for everyone.

Evans Njewa, LDC Group Chair