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LDC Group statement at closing of SBI 42

Date: 11 June 2015

Closing of the forty-second session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI 42)

Statement by the Republic of Angola on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group

11 June 2015, Bonn, Germany

Mr. Chair, Distinguished Delegates, Angola has the honour to speak on behalf of the Group of Least Developed Countries. We associate with the statement made by South Africa in on behalf of the G77 and China and with Sudan on behalf of the African Group and Maldives on behalf AOSIS.

Mr. Chair, as we conclude our session here at SBI 42, we find that there is still much work to be done in our efforts to address climate change though the UNFCCC process.

The LDC Group welcomed the Structured Expert Dialogue Report but the conclusions are stark. The report recognizes that current global temperature increase of 0.85 degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels is already causing widespread impact on the 850 million people of the LDCs. The risks are just too high for LDCs for a temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius. A 2 degree target runs counter to the ultimate objective of the Convention. We therefore would like to see Long Term Global Goal be set at below 1.5 degrees Celsius. The LDCs remain committed in seeing below 1.5 degrees Celsius anchored in the new Climate Agreement. We would like to see the ADP take into consideration the outcome of the SED report and increase its ambition and put us on a 1.5 pathway in the name of humanity. 

The Group is disappointed that Parties were unable to conclude the consideration of the 2013-2015 Review at this session. Nonetheless, we recognise the value of the discussions that were had at this session, and we believe these form a good basis for the continuation and conclusion of the negotiations on this item in Paris. The Group appreciates the willingness of some partners to engage, and reiterate that our commitment to work with all Parties in continuing our work to develop a decision on the Review for consideration at COP 21.

Mr. Chair, even as the impacts of climate change are already affecting the most vulnerable countries with a 0.85 degree warming, we are seeing only marginal progress in the process to support adaptation for those who had little to do with causing climate change. The monitoring and evaluation of progress of the process to formulate and implement NAPs has shown that developing countries have only just been able to initiate their activities. No developing country, and particularly LDCs have been able to truly say that they have started the formulation of their NAPs towards preparation for medium to long term adaptation. The M&E of the NAP process at this session of SBI has revealed that there are still many gaps, needs and challenges faced by developing countries in the process to formulate and implement NAPs. We look forward to recommending a decision by COP in Paris that will address these gaps and needs.

The LDC Group is disappointed by the unwillingness of certain Parties to recognize the special circumstances of LDCs, though Article 4.9 of the Convention commits us all to take full account of the special situations of LDCs and SIDS. The LDC category was established in recognition of the unique structural handicap to development of our countries, including low income and human development, high vulnerability, and weak human and institutional capacities, among others. Our special circumstances are of equal relevance in the context of adaptation and access to finance.

Mr. Chair, the key reason and gap causing the lack of progress in the process to formulate NAPs by LDCs is the critical lack of resources in the LDC Fund. Many NAPA projects and proposals for the formulation of NAPs from LDCs are stuck in limbo as the LDC Fund is empty. There have been no pledges to the LDC Fund at the last GEF council meeting and this is the first time in the history of the LDC Fund that this has happened. There is a shortfall of a billion dollars for the full implementation of the NAPAs to address the most urgent and immediate needs to address impacts of climate change in the most vulnerable group of countries.

Mr. Chair, on a positive note, we welcome the extension of the mandate of the LDC Expert Group for the next five years and the expansion of its mandate to include technical guidance and advice for medium to long term adaptation. The work of the LEG has always been valuable for the LDC Group and we look forward to continued support from the Secretariat and Parties for the work of this group.

Mr. Chair, on capacity building, the LDCs are disappointed that no progress has been made in this session. Capacity building is essential for LDCs in order to meet the ultimate objective of the convention. We therefore reiterate the urgent need of establishing an institutional arrangement for Capacity Building, which will focus on the monitoring and reviewing of efforts and support, also on providing advice and guidance for both adaptation and mitigation related activities.

Mr. Chair, the LDC Group appreciates the organization of the in session workshop on gender responsive climate policy with a focus on mitigation and technology development and transfer. The workshop provided a platform for sharing views on how to embrace gender related terminologies in the climate change discussions, sharing of best practice, challenges and barriers to integrating gender into mitigation actions and technology. In addition delegates shared views on possible recommendations on how to move forward to attain gender responsiveness in climate change policy. We would like to encourage the secretariat to expedite the development and dissemination of the workshop report and recommendations and that the report should form the basis of further discussions on gender at the next SBI.

Mr. Chair, before I conclude, let me on behalf of the LDCs, thank the Government of Germany for the provision of this excellent new venue for the World Conference Center as a home for our important work under the SBI.

Mr. Chair, the LDC Group thanks you for your guidance and facilitation of our work here at the 42nd Session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation. We look forward to engaging with all Parties at the 43rd session to conclude the unfinished but important work for implementing action for climate change.

Thank you.

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