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LDC statement at closing plenary of AWG-KP

Date: 24 May 2012

Statement made by the Gambia on behalf of LDCs at the closing plenary of AWG-KP

Bonn, Germany

Madam Chair,

The Gambia has the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of the 48 countries in the Least Developed Countries Group.

The LDC group wishes to associate itself with statements made by Swaziland on behalf of the African Group, and Nauru on behalf of Alliance of Small Islands Developing States (AOSIS).

Let me first congratulate you and facilitators in paving the way to a real progress  towards adopting a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, taking into account the concerns and interests of parties, particularly the most vulnerable countries.

We acknowledge Parties which have submitted their QELROS in time. We urge those which have not done so to act as a matter of urgency as the deadline for submitting the QELROs was 1st May 2012.

We strongly urge Parties to increase their pledges without conditions.

Madam Chair, we urge all the Kyoto Protocol Parties to join the second commitment period, without developing unilateral or parallel systems outside the Kyoto Protocol, undermining the integrity of a multilateral-based international regime.

Madam Chair, in relation to the length of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, we remain firm in our position that it has to be for 5 years. This will avoid at least locking in current low ambition for 8 years and rule out uncertain midterm review. This will also allow for action on new science that comes in the AR5 of the IPCC.

Madam Chair, we appreciate different proposals submitted by Parties in relation to carry-over of AAUs. For the sake of environmental integrity we support having a cap on carry-over of AAUs and the use of a certain percentage of revenues resulting of such to be transfer to the Adaptation Fund

We also urge Parties to commit to the provisional application of the proposed amendments as an interim measure pending their formal entry into force, and to begin making appropriate arrangements at a national level so that Parties arrive in Doha with a mandate to make such a commitment. If Parties are not able to do so, they have to make a declaration at the CMP to explain the reasons and take equivalent measures until they ratify and implement the 2CP.

Madam Chair, as always, the LDCs stand ready to find solutions to all the outstanding issues under the AWG-KP and commit to working together with all Parties to reach an ambitious outcome which can keep the Durban momentum going.

We hope you will steer the process towards adopting all necessary amendments in Doha. Let us avoid the distractions thrown in by Parties who want to jump ship, and once again clear away the conditionalities and strive for continuity just as we did in Durban.

I thank you Madam Chair.

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