Wanted: finance management agent for Uganda

A reputable finance management organisation with offices in Uganda is being sought to manage grants to community groups, local governments and civil society organisations.

IIED, acting on behalf of the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda, is seeking a reputable national, regional or international organisation with offices in the country to serve as the financial management agent to support the implementation of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR).

LIFE-AR is a LDC-led and driven initiative, which serves as one of the primary vehicles for delivering the LDC 2050 Vision (PDF) for a climate-resilient future.

The financial management agent will work for two years under the oversight and management of the LIFE-AR national platform to:

  • Manage the funds received from IIED for the implementation of LIFE-AR in Uganda, and
  • Support the government of Uganda to establish a suitable organisation capable of receiving and disbursing different sources of international climate finance.


Interested firms should have:

  • Significant experience in Uganda or East Africa managing funds for international donors, and demonstrable understanding of international donor funding requirements.
  • At least five years’ experience in managing grants to community groups, local governments and civil society organisations. Again, experience in Uganda or East Africa is preferred, and
  • Capacity for efficient financial management, disbursement and accountability of donor funds used in supporting participatory planning and implementation of community-based projects.


In brief

Two years, to start in January 2024

Apply before 11 November 2023

Full terms of reference, including application details (PDF)


How to apply

Read the detailed terms of reference (PDF) and apply by following the process outlined, including sending a technical proposal (no more than six pages), a financial proposal, CVs of the staff who will undertake the work, references and evidence of at least three previous contracts/reports of similar assignments. The deadline for submission is 11 November, 2023.

Applications should be sent to Joseph Epitu, commissioner water and environment sector liaison in the Ministry for Water and Environment via josephepitu@gmail.com, and Valentine Lecluse, IIED senior project manager, via valentine.lecluse@iied.org.

Originally posted on the IIED website: Wanted: finance management agent for Uganda | International Institute for Environment and Development (iied.org)