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Countries sign support of Least Developed Countries’ Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience

Date: 11 December 2019

Madrid, Spain – Today at COP25, Austria, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, The Gambia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Malawi, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Uganda signed the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR) Partnership Compact as a declaration of support to the principles of strengthened development cooperation in working towards the LDC 2050 Vision

The LDC Group launched the Vision at the UN Climate Action Summit in September this year, aiming to deliver climate-resilient development pathways by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2050, so that ecosystems and societies thrive. 

The LDCs are calling for USD520 million for LIFE-AR to deliver the Vision, through support to front runner countries to engage in developing long term visions, strengthening institutions, and enhancing delivery mechanisms to reach the poorest and most vulnerable.

At the ceremony, Sonam Phuntsho Wangdi, the Chair of the Least Developed Countries, said, ‘If we can make such ambitious commitments as LDCs, we call upon all countries, especially those most responsible for the greatest share of global emissions, to follow suit.  The world must undertake a historic shift away from business as usual towards a more effective, ambitious and equitable global response to the climate crisis. And the LDCs are ready to do our part.’

To achieve the LDC Vision, with the support of the international community, LDCs aim to bring the whole of society together, channel 70% of finance to local level (versus 10% now), and prioritise building climate capabilities, systems and structures for better accessing support. 

Mr Wangdi said, ‘We are launching this Partnership Compact at COP25 to set out a new way of working to deliver climate ambition at an accelerated pace. The signatories of this Compact are expressing commitment to stand together – across the LDC Group and development partners – in a strengthened alliance to achieve a shared 2050 Vision.’

‘This is an opportunity to increase global climate effectiveness, align with and deliver the SDGs and Paris Agreement, and implement real action at national and local levels in the most vulnerable countries and communities.

Several countries additionally expressed their support of the initiative and intent to sign on in the coming months. 

This signing marked a significant moment in bringing the Least Developed Countries and development partner countries together to work for a climate-resilient future.



The LDC Group has developed the LDC Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR), which was officially welcomed by the LDC Ministerial Group and launched by the LDC Chair at COP24, with the objective of supporting the LDC 2050 Vision for all Least Developed Countries to be on climate-resilient development pathways by 2030 and deliver net-zero emissions by 2050 to ensure societies and ecosystems thrive.

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