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LDCs aim to lead climate change negotiations towards 2015

Date: 25 March 2013

Some key negotiators of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group in the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention met in Kathmandu, Nepal on 22-23 March 2013 under the leadership of the new Chair of the Group, Mr Prakash Mathema from the Government of Nepal.

The aim of the meeting was to reflect on the outcome of the latest negotiations that took place last year in Doha, and to define priorities, goals and a strategy to achieve them during Mr Mathema’s Chairmanship.

Participants also discussed the challenges ahead of the group and the need for enhanced support to implement the new strategy. The outcomes of the meeting are to be further refined by the LDC Group when they meet at the first UNFCCC meeting for this year, in Bonn next month.

The LDC Group, consisting of 49 of the poorest and most vulnerable developing countries mainly from Africa and Asia aims to become deal makers for a new “2015 Protocol” to be decided at the twenty-first conference of parties (COP21) in Paris, France in December 2015.

“We are the most vulnerable countries and we are tired of following others, tired of waiting for the others to shape the agendas and decisions for us,” said Prakash Mathema, Chair of LDC Group, “From now on, our aim is to take the lead and invite others to follow us.”

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