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LDCs call on ministers to resolve issues that leave them vulnerable

Date: 08 December 2015

Ministers have mere hours left to conclude their high level negotiations over the climate agreement, before it is passed to the COP Presidency for consultation ahead of its scheduled delivery in Paris on Friday 11 December.

Chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Group, Mr Giza Gaspar-Martins of Angola said: “The process itself is currently a barrier to achieving the progress we need for the countries we represent. For example too many simultaneous meetings mean we have little opportunity to fully represent our issues in these vital discussions.”

Of particular concern to the Group remains the special treatment of LDCs as enshrined within the Convention,  the continued exemption of Loss and Damage within the text and still no clarity on the legal status of the agreement.

Negotiators from the 48 poorest and most vulnerable nations are very familiar with the climate agreement, having been closely involved since the process began ago in Durban at COP17.

The Group welcomes shifting positions from other parties such as EU and Canada on the 1.5 degrees pathway, but feel there is room for more ambition within the wording of the text to make this a reality.

Giza added: “We maintain our position in the high-level negotiations, working hard alongside the Ministers to ensure the agreement reflects the special needs and circumstances of the LDCs. We are anxious to see what next text will be produced, and look forward to working with other parties to secure a binding and ambitious agreement.”

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