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Thimphu Ambition Statement – Cambodia

Thimphu Ambition Statement – Cambodia 2021-05-04T13:27:18+00:00

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  • An updated, more ambitious NDC will be submitted by the end of this year. The emissions reduction target will increase to 34% by 2030, compared to 27% in the initial NDC. It will also cover additional sectors and a commitment to halve the rate of deforestation by 2030. Work on a long-term strategy to achieve carbon neutrality will be initiated in 2021.
  • Cambodia has doubled its national budget allocations for climate change related activities over the past 10 years, but continued financial and technological support from development partners is needed.
  • Through the global crisis in recent months, we have seen how interconnected our economies and societies are. We must work together to achieve low carbon growth, but also to strengthen the resilience of our economies, and protect the most vulnerable among us.
Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment
H.E. Eang Sophalleth